Our History

In May 2010, Richard Heward received his ticket as a Technician.  While listening to his scanner, on May 31, 2010 he heard a young man trying to have a Qso with several older operators who were on various frequencies.  None of them would speak to him.

When KF7KGN tuned to 146.760 where Richard was listening on his rig, KGN called for a CQ.  Nate and Richard hit it off.  In a short time, other young operators joined in with Nate and Richard.

In just a few weeks, about a half a dozen young people were constantly coming to visit on the 76 repeater.  Richard decided that each of them needed to feel involved so he came up with question and answer games, played “Round-Table”, and other activities to keep the youth excited about using their ham radios.

For many more weeks, Richard continued keeping this group of young people entertained and friendships grew.  Unbeknownst to him and his young group, several older operators were tuning in and just listened.  They were quite intrigued with the activities.

Eventually, the older operators made themselves known.  Not too much more time passed and it was decided to put a group together.  It was decided we would call ourselves the 76’ers because we used the 76 repeater on 146.760 MHz.

As the 76’ers grew, we decided to have social activities.  And our first one was held Saturday, December 18, 2010.  It was held in honor of KF7LWX Patrick Wagner who was leaving Utah Valley.

The 76’ers continued to grow and expand and had its first Annual Barbecue held at Richard Heward’s home in Spanish Fork.  Doug Mauer provided the ‘smoked’ meat of brisket, pulled pork and beef.  It was enjoyed by all.  Each member brought an item of food or drink and we had a good time that lasted for several hours.  We look forward to our next annual social of this magnitude.

The mission of the 76’ers is to provide the ‘Social Side’ of ham radio.  We are not a ‘radio club’ per say, even though there are things that Radio Clubs and the 76’ers do, but ours is to fill in a need that had been overlooked by most clubs – and just provide a place where friends can get together, relax, and enjoy each others company.

We look forward to hearing from you on 146.760 MHz  –  All ham operators are welcome, and you are welcome to join us on Thursdays @ 1900 hrs when we hold our 76’ers net. If you would like to join our Thursday Net tune to the IRLP Reflector 9090 if you’re not able to tune to the 76 repeater.

73’s to all.


L. Richard Heward – K7KGK

76’ers  Founder