Hand held homebrew antenna material problem.

HI this is your good ol’ pal tanner ‘KF7MGT’ my dad has a piano wire antenna for his ht and i have been gathering up info as well a SMA male connector. now i just need the piano wire part or some other material for the antenna. do any of you have any other suggestions as to a different material that would work good? thanks!

Introduction ~ KB7TDP Michael Searle (call sign chg’d to WE7AA/SK)

Born and raised on a dairy farm in American Fork. Got married in my senior year at age 17 and continued with high school until I graduated in 1964. Had 5 children and later got divorced. Married my second wife in 1987.

Worked in gas stations before and after high school until I started to work at Geneva Steel in 1965. Worked there until the shut down in 1986. Started school at Utah Valley Technical College in 1987 under the displaced steel workers program. Graduated in electronics 1989. I was offered a pension from US Steel (Geneva) in 1989 and I took it. Because of the pension I wasn’t able to make much money before it started cutting into the pension money. So I never did pursue the field of electronics. I instead took a part time job in my buddie’s (KB7UOG) auto mechanic shop as a mechanic. Worked there until 1997, then went into full time retirement. Had a heart attack in 1998 and had 3 stints put in.

Kind of started in ham radio back in the 1950’s. I had 4 uncles that were hams. Three of them were brothers and had a schedule every Saturday morning. I got a ham receiver (Halcrafter SX-99) and started listening to them. I started to get interested in it and started studying for the novice license. Never could get the morse code, so I lost interest.

Started in CB 1965 and it was great back then. Everyone had call numbers and belived in obeying the rules. In the 70’s, I had lots of CB friends that hung out on the same channel and belonged to a CB club in Utah County called the Circuit Breakers. A lot of these friends went on to become hams. The wife and I talked to each other on CB and continued into the 2 meter ham radio.

In 1993 I found out they had a no code Tech license available, so I studied and got the tech license. 1994 my wife got her no code tech. Lost interest around the year 2000 and let my license expire for a year before getting it renewed, thank goodness for the grace period. I found out sometime in the 2000’s that they dropped the morse code to 5 words a minute for all classes, so I tried to learn morse code again and failed, lost interest again. In 2009 I was approached by the LDS church to get involved with the ERC, this brought back the interest. I found out that the morse code had been dropped all together so guess what, back to studying. Passed the General and the Extra at the same time in November 2009.

I have several radios, 2  HF/VHF bases, 3 HF amplifiers including a legal limit 1,500 watt, 1 VHF amplifier, 1 HF/VHF/UHF mobile, 5 VHF mobiles, 2 VHF/UHF mobiles, one of these I use for base, 3 handie talkies and several antennas.

73’s to all