Our First Chili Cook Off August 10th, 2013


Winners of the 2013 Chili Cook Off

On August 10, 2013 we held our first Swap-meet and Chili Cook-Off Competition.  We had a very good turnout and a ton of fun.  Tons of good food to eat and great friendship and camaraderie were enjoyed by all.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended – and especially thank those who participated in the Chili Cook-Off Competition.  It isn’t always easy to put yourself out there – with the risk of your receipt not being chosen.

But, in my view – everyone there, who attended this fine event, is a winner.  You won the appreciation of a lot of satisfied chili connoisseurs.  It was heard throughout the day, on the 76, how they would have hated to be one of the judges.  It would have been too difficult for them to choose.

By being there, you also won a face to face with several 76’ers who were there and add upon the wonderful memories each of us have had coming together and socializing.  It really was a success.

We had 48 people who attended the chili cook off.  There were no mishaps we were aware of and, heck, the City of Spanish Fork came through – the restrooms were open this time.  What a total elation it was for those who needed to use those facilities.  We were so pleased those doors were unlocked.

A huge grateful thank you goes to WE7BBQ – Doug.  Who more than fulfilled his assignment with organizing the fine event.  Most of you didn’t know that BBQ solely took it upon himself to pay for the first and second prizes of this event.  He refused any financial assistance and shouldered the cost all by himself.  Also, Carl WE7OMG deserves our thanks for building and providing two Aluminum J-Pole Antenna’s for 3rd and 4th prizes.

We’d also like to thank our Judges – two of which were last minute subs.  Our first sub was Mindy – N1RSE, and Doug WE7BBQ was our second sub. – Our final judge is a non-ham operator Kelly Swalburg.  We extend our thanks for your willingness to help us out in this department. It’s kind of tough to have a contest without judges.

Our Judges had to pick four contestants who would take 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places.  They had to taste 15 different entries.

Those who placed 3rd and 4th place were Bruce Fereday –KF7OZK, of Salt Lake City, and Brian Brinkerhoff – WE8FSH, of Benjamin.  Each of these men was given an aluminum dual band J-pole antenna. 2nd place went to Carl Pockrus – WE7OMG, of American Fork.  Our 1st place winner went to Thomas Lerman, KF7ZTM, of Provo.  We give our congratulations to each of them for a job well done.

3rd Annual BBQ


Our 3rd Annual Barbecue was held on June 8th, 2013 at the home of Randy and Becky Wells (N7OXG & KF7THB).  We’d like to thank both of them for their gracious hospitality and for opening their home up to members of the 76’ers and their loved ones.

Again, we had scrumptious food to eat, and plenty of it! Everyone brought their own meat to cook, and a food assignment.  The weather couldn’t have been better or more accommodating.

We look forward earnestly to our next annual event in 2014.