Field Day 2014


Field Day 2014

Photo’s taken by Don Rawlinson WA7VNQ

Field Day 2014 (1)

Weather was very accomodating

Field Day 2014 (3)

Kevin – N0KVN trying his hand at HF Radio

Field Day 2014 (2)

Field Day 2014 (4)

One of the towers used there

Field Day 2014 (7)

Gordon Smith – K7HFV

Field Day 2014 (8)

The Tallest Tower Used

Field Day 2014 (13)

Doug Bosen’s KG7GOV grandson

Field Day 2014 (14)

It was reported, he was quite a natural at the radio

Field Day 2014 (15)

We believe his name was Jordan

Field Day 2014 (17)


Field Day 2014 (18)

Carl – WE7OMG

Field Day 2014 (19)

Doug – WE7BBQ

Field Day 2014 (20)

The Bowcuts Chad – KD7BKO & Kate – K8BKT

Field Day 2014 (21)

UARC’s Huge Yellow Push Pin

Field Day 2014 (5) Field Day 2014 (6) Field Day 2014 (9) Field Day 2014 (10) Field Day 2014 (11) Field Day 2014 (12) Field Day 2014 (16) Field Day 2014 (22)

4th Annual BBQ ~ Jun14, 2014


This photo is a good share of those who attended. We had a few who had to leave early and others who remained indoors despite our pestering to come out. We had a great time. The food was scrumptious and the company divine. The Big Hit was the Pockrus Calico Beans! Carl and his wife brought a huge giant pot of them – not a bean remained, was the report I was given. A great deal of us were inquiring about the recipe and Carl generously posted it as soon as he got home that night.

The next big hit was the homemade Root Beer made by Dan (KB6UNC) and his family. In my opinion, it was the best tasting Root Beer I’ve every had the opportunity to taste. It was simply wonderful. There were many who were sorely missed – but we understand things come up. We’d like to thank each of you who attended and especially Randy (N7OXG) and his sweet wife Becky (KF7THB) for their wonderful hospitality opening up their home to our social group – the UARC 76’ers! We’d also like to thank the clean up crew who helped Randy & Becky put their home back in order. Again, thanks to each of you for your contribution to making this such a wonderful memory and such a great event.4th Annual BBQ Group Pic4th Annual BBQ 02
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