Intertie & Sinbad Systems


Simply Click on the System of Interest.  Maps Listed in Orange Below.

Feel Free to Print This Information to Take with You.

INTERTIE SYSTEM   or    SINBAD SYSTEM                         

Each System Lists Each Respective Repeater Starting with the Most Northern Repeater and Down to the Most Southern One.  

Have a Safe Trip and 73 from the 76’ers.

Below are Maps of each system and one map combining both.

1 Intertie + Sinbad 18×24 MAP  2 Intertie 18×24 MAP   3 Sinbad 18×24 map

If you decide to print these maps to their full size – let the printer company know these files don’t need to be enlarged –  They are ready to print to the size indicated – Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Intertie & Sinbad Systems

  1. Hope this will help many of you in your travels through the State of Utah. The Intertie for coverage along I-15 and the Sinbad System for traveling the Northeastern side of Utah to the Southeast corner of Utah.
    Safe Travels. . .

    • Thanks Allan,

      We have a chirp file, we have also released files which can be used on Google Earth, and today we finished up the last of a Wall Map project, measuring 18″ x 24″ which can be printed, so members can take it with them in their vehicles and or place them in their shacks.
      Appreciate the offer though.

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