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We’d like to thank each of those who attended our latest Meet & Eat

held at our newest restaurant location.

We ate at the Pizza Pie Cafe’ in Provo.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Those in attendance were:

  1. Mike ~ WE7AA
  2. Linda ~ KC7BZF
  3. Shyeane (Granddaughter of Mike and Linda)
  4. Iris (Granddaughter of Mike and Linda)
  5. Lyla ~ KF7RUR
  6. Richard ~ K7KGK
  7. George ~ N9EJS
  8. Von ~ K7VMH
  9. Lila ~ (Spouse of VMH)
  10. Mindy ~ N1RSE
  11. Doug ~ WE7BBQ
  12. Keith ~ KG7UUS
  13. Dave ~ KF7RJO
  14. Vickie (Spouse of RJO)
  15. Joe ~  KD7VPW
  16. Caryn ~ KG7UUR
  17. Barbara ~ WE7TGW
  18. Ed ~ WE7NYU
  19. Cliff ~ KF7WFO
  20. George N. ~ N9EJS
  21. Patrick ~ AA7PH
  22. Robert ~ KG7SDT
  23. Rachael (Spouse of SDT)
  24. Natalie (Daughter of Robert & Rachael)
  25. Braden (Son of Robert & Rachael)
  26. Matthew (Son of Robert & Rachael)


This was a record breaking level of attendance – 26 attendees – Way Cool!

This location was great – didn’t hear any complaints about the food or the low cost.

We will have our next Meet & Eat on the 25th of July @ Village Inn in OREM.

Hope to see you there…



Meet & Eat Pizza Pie Cafe 7

Robert KG7SDT

Meet & Eat Pizza Pie Cafe 8

Mike WE7AA next to Lyla KF7RUR

Meet & Eat Pizza Pie Cafe 6

Mindy N1RSE (with ponytail) sitting next to Doug WE7BBQ

Meet & Eat Pizza Pie Cafe 5

Facing Camera – George N9EJS next to him is Ed WE7NYU, and next to him is his wife Barbara WE7TGW. Further down is Caryn KG7UUR and Joe near the window KD7VPW

Meet & Eat Pizza Pie Cafe 4

Standing we have Patrick AA7PH, he’s speaking with David KF7RJO and next to him is his wife Vickie. Then in the pink is Caryn KG7UUR and her son Keith KG7UUS

Meet & Eat Pizza Pie Cafe 3

Joe KD7VPW in black shirt next to the window and Caryn KG7UUR looking at the camera

Meet & Eat Pizza Pie Cafe 2

The young lady taking a drink is Natalie and her mother Rachael. They are the wife and daughter of Robert KG7SDT

Meet & Eat Pizza Pie Cafe 1


On August 8th we ate at the Los Hermanos Restaurant in Lindon.

The Following attended:

1. Caryn KG7UUR 2. Keith KG7UUS 3. Patrick AA7PH 4. Mike WE7AA 5. Linda KC7BZF 6. Lyla KF7RUR 7. Richard K7KGK

We like to thank all those who attended and added to the very good time we had eating and visiting.

Our Next Meet & Eat is scheduled for Saturday, August 22nd @ 1300 Hrs.

Sorry no pics were taken on this day.

Saturday, August 22nd 2015  We ate at the Provo Sizzler near East Bay

Those who attended were:

Meet & Eat                          Aug 22 2015

  1. Ellie KG7EKS
  2. Andrew KE7ICR
  3. Chad WE7CB
  4. George N9EJS
  5. Doug KG7GOV
  6. Patrick AA7PH
  7. Don WA7VNQ
  8. Lois (Don’s Spouse)
  9. Joe KD7VPW
  10. Corey KG7JYS
  11. Mike WE7AA
  12. Linda KC7BZF
  13. Shyeane (granddaughter of Mike and Linda)
  14. Iris (granddaughter of Mike and Linda)
  15. Sam KF7HST
  16. Sharon (Wife of Sam HST)
  17. Keith KG7UUS
  18. Caryn KG7UUR
  19. Ken W5KWD
  20. Dave KF7RJO
  21. Lyla KF7RUR
  22. Richard K7KGK
  23. Corey KG7


  1. Caren KG7UUR

    Caren KG7UUR

    Chad WE7CB

    Joe KD7VPW, Chad WE7CB, Keith KG7UUS, and David KF7RJO

    Corey KG7JYS

    Corey KG7JYS

    Don WA7VNQ & Lois

    Don WA7VNQ & his wife Lois

    Doug KG7GOV

    Doug KG7GOV

    Ellie KG7EKS & Andrew KE7ICR

    Ellie KG7EKS & Andrew KE7ICR

    Joe KD7VPW

    Joe KD7VPW

    Keith KG7UUS & Dave KF7RJO

    Keith KG7UUS & Dave KF7RJO

    Ken W5KWD

    Ken W5KWD

    Lyla KF7RUR

    Lyla KF7RUR

    Patrick AA7PH & George N9EJS

    Patrick AA7PH & George N9EJS

    Richard K7KGK

    Richard K7KGK

    Sam KF7HST & Sharon

    Sam KF7HST &his wife Sharon

    Shyeane & Mike WE7AA & Linda KC7BZF & Iris

    Shyeane & Mike WE7AA & Linda KC7BZF & Iris

Our next MEET & EAT was Saturday, September 5th, 2015.

This is the list of those who attended our MEET & EAT on September 5th, 2015 at the Pizza Pie Café.

  1. Patrick AA7PH
  2. Caryn KG7UUR
  3. Andrew KE7ICR
  4. Ellie KG7EKS
  5. Doug KG7GOV
  6. Linda KC7BZF
  7. Mike WE7AA
  8. Von K7VMH
  9. Lila (Von’s wife)
  10. Lyla KF7RUR
  11. Richard K7KGK


We enjoyed each other’s company, good food, and a good number of laughs.  Come and enjoy the next MEET & EAT and come face to face with those whom you’re having a Qso with on the 76 repeater!

Ellie and Andrew 9 5 15

Ellie KG7EKS and Andrew KE7ICR

Lyla Doug

Doug KG7GOV and next to him is Lyla KF7RUR

Mike and Linda

Mike WE7AA and Linda KC7BZF

Von Lila Caryn Patrick

On left, Patrick AA7PH, across from him is Caryn KG7UUR. Next to her is Lila – wife of Von K7VMH

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